Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 2012 Green Resolutions

Exactly one year ago, I blogged about my 2011 green resolutions, which I am proud to say I kept all year. It makes a welcome difference from my usual (non-green) resolutions which have included losing 10 pounds and becoming a better swimmer for at least a decade and will continue to make their annual appearance on my 2012 resolutions list.

My 2011 resolutions were:

1)    Use reusable produce bags.  I got my reusable produce bags from Whole Foods in a set of 3 and use them for bagging fruits and vegetables.

2)    Use dryer balls. I got mine from Target and they have had a few lucky escapes from my cats who think they should be cat toys. My laundry is just as soft as before but no dryer sheets are added to the landfill and no softener is added to the water.

3)    Use a shower bucket, which goes to watering the garden in the summer and flushing the toilet on rainy days.

4)    Buy less packaged food.

Having successfully maintained my 2011 green resolutions, and none of my non-green ones, I had to keep green resolutions on my list for 2012. So here are my 2012 green resolutions:

1)    Buy used whenever possible. Buying used saves the raw materials that would have been used to make that item brand new; it saves the energy used, and pollution created, in the production, manufacturing, and transportation of the new item; it saves on the packaging of the new item, both the production of the packaging, and the waste that it creates. My resolution is to go to thrift stores and try freecycle whenever I need to buy clothes or household items.

2)    Carry a travel mug with me for when I pop into a coffee shop (Starbucks, etc.). Estimates vary for the number of disposable cups used each year in the U.S. between 16 billion and 23 billion disposable cups. Reducing this number by 200 or so disposable cups I use each year would be a worthwhile effort.

3)    Invest through Kiva.org; inspired by one of the Facebook friends who shares his experiences investing through Kiva.org, all of which are positive. My 2012 investments, other than for my pension plan which will not allow it, will be in environmentally friendly projects through Kiva.org.

4)    Buy local, this way I will invest in my local community, reduce the carbon footprint of my food and eat fresher food too.

5)    Get outside and enjoy more nature hikes. This might help with my ongoing new year’s resolution of losing 10 pounds too.

Happy new year!

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